Step 7: Gather Descriptive Materials

I. Which of the following materials do you have prepared?

  • brochure about your organization
  • marketing pieces to send out about your organization
  • direct mail letters
  • special event invitations
  • newsletter
  • press releases
  • annual report
  • newspaper clippings about your organization
  • case statement
  • wish list
  • video about your organization
  • slide show about your organization
  • PSAs (public service announcements) about your organization
  • other

II. If you haven't prepared these materials, consider doing so. They will all be extremely helpful in raising funds. Keep a file of these items from other organizations to use as samples as you update your own.


You now have a spectrum of materials to reinforce your fundraising message.  Don't be stingy with them.  Include them in mailings, and give them out to everyone you meet.