Ready Talk

ReadyTalk LogoThe Society for Nonprofits has a preferred provider relationship with ReadyTalk.  Through this relationship, we are able to provide discounted web and audio conferencing rates to Society members.

Join your nonprofit colleagues and use ReadyTalk to:

  • Present new initiatives
  • Organize board and chapter meetings
  • Disseminate information to geographically-dispersed members
  • Save money by reducing travel costs
  • Train new volunteers
  • Hold webinars to generate interest in your programs


ReadyTalk is offering discounted conferencing rates to Society Members:

  • Audio Conferencing:
    • 04¢ per minute per person (Standard Event, up to 150 participants/conference)
    • 14¢ per minute per person (Standard Event, over 150 participants/conference)
    • 18¢ per minute per person (Premium/Operator Assisted)
  • Web Conferencing:
    • 08¢ per minute per person
    • Or $39/Month.   Regularly $49/month
      (Unlimited Web conferencing for up to 15 participants/conference.  Additional participants at $0.09/minute/participant).
    • Or $89/Month.   Regularly $99/month.
      (Unlimited Web conferencing for up to 2000 participants/conference). 

About ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk delivers audio and web conferencing services that empower its customers to conduct web seminars, hold training sessions, work remotely and grow their organizations through lead generation and efficient communication.  Their mission is to create solutions that are simple and easy to use so that everyone can participate, regardless of computer savvy, work location or choice of platform.  ReadyTalk was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company works hard to build a community of loyal customers through its passion to create innovative and useful technology and through its sincere commitment to customers' success.

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