Social Networking

In order to help further promote 'Advancement Through Sharing', the Society for Nonprofit Organizations is proud to be among nonprofit organizations using popular social networking tools to facilitate sharing of information and ideas.  SNPO Membership Not Required! 

If you would like to network with other nonprofit professionals, please visit us at:

- SNPO's FaceBook Page provides you with access to surveys, discussions, articles of interest, updates, and other resources.

- LinkedIn is a business oriented networking site that features discussions, job postings/resumes, news articles, etc.

- Follow the Society on Twitter, and receive current hand-picked articles on nonprofit leadership and management from top sources around the world.

- The SNPO Yahoo Group serves as a ListServ for nonprofit professionals.  Discussions can be accessed by email (individual or digest format) and/or online.  If you don't have a (free) Yahoo account, you can also join the discussion by sending a blank email to .